Tuesday, August 23, 2016

MFT Stamps Sensational Stitched Flowers Card Kit

The latest card kit from MFT Stamps is now available! Sensational Stitched Flowers Card Kit is a beautiful collection of stitched flowers and a set of sentiment stamps that are essential for any card maker! The kit is full of wonderful supplies, including a new 6x6 paper pad. For all the contents in the kit, visit the MFT Stamps online store.

I went way, way, way outside the box for this one. Since I first saw the Nuvo Crystal drops, I have been wanting to create flowers that have a mandala look; dotted and filled in. The flower dies in Sensational Stitched Flowers are the answer! With the stitched detailing already on the die cut card stock, it was the perfect way to make my idea come to life!

But before creating my flower, I could not wait to get my hands on the sentiment stamps in this kit! Wow! Perfect size, perfect font, and perfect wording! After masking off my card base and inking it, I stamped the many thanks sentiment. Once I stamped my sentiment, I knew that placing the flower's stem in the middle was the ideal location!

I die cut the flowers and leaves from grey card stock. Then, using different colors of the Nuvo Crystals, I added dots along the stitching lines. It creates quite a unique look for both the flower and the leaves! Sensational Stitched Flowers Card Kit is full of possiblities! I cannot wait to cut my flowers out from card stock, glitter card stock, vellum, felt, cork and more! The ideas are endless!

Visit the MFT Stamps Blog for all the information about the kit, and to be linked to the rest of the design team. Their inspiring designs have me ready to keep stamping and creating! And do not forget the FREE download of ideas for this kit available in the store!

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

MFT Stamps + Chibi Lights = out of this world!

Sometimes its fun to take your cards to another level. Using MFT Stamps products and the 
Chibi Tronics products create cards that are out of this world! These super fun cards take a little bit of planning, but after you make your first card, you will not want to stop!

When I first saw the Chibi Tronics LED light kits, I knew that Out of This World would be the perfect set! With the space theme, there would be a ton of ways to use the LED light stickers. But when your son is helping you and says, make the rocket light up, you oblige! :D

To start with, I designed my card front, did all the stamping ,coloring, and die cutting, then I went to work on creating the light set up. I created the light set up on a separate sheet of card stock, allowing me to play around and not worry about "ruining" the pretty top layer.

The Chibi Tronics light kit comes with everything you see here. Its a great kit! The instructions are well written, and the cool part is, you can actually cut out the directions in the booklet and lay everything out on their drawings! No need to worry about inventing the wheel, use what they have created!

Before adhering the rocket to the front of the card, I used my piercing tool to poke holes in the windows of the rocket. I knew I could not get an LED light in each window, but that the light from two lights would fill things out nicely.

Once the holes were pierced in the rocket, I adhered it to the panel, and pierced the holes again. The separate piece of card stock is my panel to work upon, so I traced the holes on it, to help me line the lights and copper tape up.

The battery included in the kit is meant to activate the lights by closing the circuit. To do this, I scored the corner of my working panel, giving a place to push the battery down and close the circuit. Hang with me, it will all make sense shortly. :D

I "placed" my battery as a guideline for placing the copper tape. Starting under the battery (I took the batter away while doing this), I laid the copper tape down. I recommend not cutting it, but simply bending the tape to follow the path you need. I passed the copper tape along the top of the dots drawn with pencil. Then, I created another line of copper tape, this time passing the other side of the pencil-drawn dots. I placed the LED light stickers over each side of the tape. Make sure the stickers are both facing the same direction.

Tip: flatten the copper tape with a bone folder, it will create a better current flow.

Each LED light sticker has a positive and negative side. Noting which end of the LED light sticker was touching which line of copper tape was CRITICAL. When you place the battery onto the copper tape, you MUST BE SURE TO TOUCH THE POSITIVE END OF THE BATTERY TO THE POSITIVE LINE. When you have it all lined up correctly, the LED lights will glow.

When the scored corner of the card is pushed down, it closes the circuit, making the LED lights glow. Keep this corner outside the adhesive, to allow the card recipient to close the circuit as they desire.

To the rest of the working panel, I added to layers of foam tape. Two layers gives the battery enough clearance.

How adorable are the LED lights? The LED light stickers come in 4 colors; white, yellow, red, and blue. So much fun!

Visit the MFT Stamps Blog to be linked up to some amazing cards that light up! The team will be sharing projects over several days and I cannot wait to see the all and be inspired!!

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